In terms of technical equipment, the company introduces advanced production equipment and high-quality and highly skilled personnel.

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n terms of technical equipment, the company introduces advanced production equipment and high-quality and highly skilled personnel. At present, the basic equipment is domestic production equipment, and the molding equipment is all imported from Taiwan and South Korea. At present, it is the equipment with excellent quality at home and abroad. The company's goal is to win in quality and technology. To this end, the company successfully completed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, equipped with all the testing instruments and equipment required by the domestic production process at present, realized the networked management of the production and operation management system, carried out production in strict accordance with the orders and technical conditions, strictly assessed various costs, strengthened the company's internal management, reduced costs, Improve market competitiveness.

Nail industry is also a traditional industry, and its products are widely used in housing construction, furniture, decoration and other fields. North America is the most concentrated place of wooden houses in the world, so it is also the broadest market for nails. With the economic development of various regions, the industry is gradually transferred from developed countries to developing countries. Therefore, our company seizes the development opportunities in recent years to improve the product grade, increase the product varieties and improve the company management, so that the company's products can continuously meet the requirements of customers and improve the company's economic efficiency, And lay a good economic foundation for future development.

In 2004, the company built and produced, achieving an operating income of 37.5 million yuan, a foreign exchange of 4.6 million US dollars, and a profit and tax of 8.22 million yuan. In 2005, the sales revenue was 120 million yuan, the profit and tax was 14.7 million yuan, the production of 21000 tons of products, and the export earnings were 14.23 million US dollars. In 2006, the sales revenue was 190 million yuan, the export foreign exchange was 24 million US dollars, and the profit and tax was 23 million yuan. In 2007, the sales revenue was 190 million yuan, the profits and taxes were 20.3 million yuan, the production of 35000 tons of pneumatic nails, and the export earnings were 25 million US dollars.

Hairui company will adhere to the corporate culture of "dedication, hard work, integrity, cooperation and innovation", and the business philosophy of "reputation first, quality first, honest service, and return to society", and dedicate its services and best products to customers at home and abroad.

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