The company aims to build a people-oriented and modern enterprise, and strengthen and standardize the internal management of the company

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The company aims to build a people-oriented and modern enterprise, strengthen and standardize the internal management of the company, and create a green, beautiful and harmonious working environment. The company provides employees with a spacious, clean and orderly working environment and living conditions, regularly provides professional training, and openly invites employees to work posts, so as to achieve justice, openness and fairness, and create a good platform for the development of employees.
In terms of technical equipment, the company introduces advanced production equipment and high-quality and highly skilled personnel. At present, the basic equipment is domestic production equipment, and the molding equipment is all imported from Taiwan and South Korea. At present, it is the equipment with excellent quality at home and abroad. The company's goal is to win in quality and technology. To this end, the company successfully completed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, equipped with all the testing instruments and equipment required by the domestic production process at present, realized the networked management of the production and operation management system, carried out production in strict accordance with the orders and technical conditions, strictly assessed various costs, strengthened the company's internal management, reduced costs, Improve market competitiveness.

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