Founded in 1954, Very small plant that just produced bamboo products for Kitchen.

In 1969, Change products to Steel Wire and Steel Nails, Meantime, Rename to YC NAIL.Just sell in Chinese domestic market.

In 1972, Starting sale to worldwide market through professional foreign trade company.

In 1997, Gotten the certificate of export and import licence from Chinese MOC. Starting direct export business to Oversea market by ourselves. The products are just bulk nails and steel wire products.

In 2001, Reforming the enterprise structure to stock holding limited corperation.

In 2003, Joint Venture with Taiwan Pro-Team, Re-found a professional Collated Fastener Manufaturer in China, Name to Shanxi Pioneer. Start doing various collated nails.

In 2006, Got the certificate of ISO 9002 and ISO14001

In 2008, Joined in STAFDA.

2003-2009, Our business is growing very rapidly and successfully. Our bulk nails and collated nails are exported to US. Canada, Japan, France , Finland, Danmark, Brazil, Chile, Australia etc.


About us

Shanxi Pioneer was founded by Mr. Bai Chunlong in 2003, Joint venture with Taiwan Pro-team. At the time. The company employs more than 600 employees with facilities spread over 200000 square meters. Shanxi Pioeer is and continues to the largest exporter of valued industrial and construction fasteners in China.

Shanxi Pioneer manufactures high quality Bulk and Collated nails. The company has established itself as a producer of consistent high quality nails globally. The broad products ranges includes various bulk nails, 22/17 degree Round head Plastic strip nails, 33 degree D head Paper Tape nails, 15 degree Wire coil nails, 28 degree Wire Stick nail, 15 degree wire coil roofing nails, 33 degree Round Head Paper Tape Joist Hanger nails etc. Nails come in numerous finishes which include Bright, Vinyl Coated, Electro Galvanized and True Hot Dip Galvanized,Steel stainless.

Our production machine are from Korea, Taiwan and China Mainland. Moreover, we have a professional enginer team to maintain our production line. All our products are "made to order" and surpass the high standards set in the United State., Europe Europe and China.

Finnally, We make promise as the following, We will supply the best service and high quality products to all customers from Chinese domestic and oversea. We also welcome you visit our mills and negotiate our future business cooperation.

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